Foil stamping and/or embossing are both great ways to add style and flair to packages, promotional materials, POP displays, and presentation folders.


The foil stamping process uses a heated copper die to fuse foil onto paper, bonding the design to the surface. It’s a great way to add texture and make specific text or images stand out. Foils come in a wide variety of colors and metallics, with shiny, satin, or matte finishes, we also offer a variety of special effect holographic and refractive foils.

hot_stamping_foil (1)
Security foil


GMS LAMINATION can also provide security foils for vouchers/tickets and documents.


The embossing process uses a brass or copper die, and high pressure to form a raised three-dimensional impression. By utilizing brass dies, we can create multiple levels of embossing by raising the paper to different heights. Embossing can be used on its own or in combination with foil stamping to make an impressive visual impact.