Lamination is the application of a thin film over the printed page and GMS LAMINATION offers various types of lamination depending on the finish you require.


Practically speaking, lamination adds strength to paper and card making it sought after for company annual reports, presentation catalogues and folders, postcards, and calendars to name a few. It also offers flexibility, long term durability and makes card and paper tear-resistant giving the finished product the ability to remain flat. Overall lamination holds the ink together on every page, preventing aging or signs of wear and tear.


Lamination is a multi-purpose finish because it is commonly used for design enhancement as much as for its other practical qualities. The unique flying-knife system on our lamination machine is known for it precise diecut. The water-based glue used for the film makes the surface glossier than the usual lamination.


Gloss lamination is used extensively on magazine covers, postcards, book jackets, annual reports and point-of-sale material like posters. It is also used to highlight vivid colours and is particularly good at giving printed products a quality feel. Improved laminating technology means that these days, laminated products can be foil stamped and glued with most PVA’s or hot melts afterwards.

Gloss Lami Film
Matt Lami Film


Matt lamination is used for all the practical purposes above – giving durability and helping to prevent curling. Its added advantage is to give a smooth silky feel. Increasingly it is being combined with spot UV to highlight certain aspects of design, to give a stunning 3D effect that often can’t be portrayed otherwise.



Adhesive metallic laminating presents another exciting development in laminating finishes which are popular with designers of packaging requiring an expensive look, such as cosmetics, perfumes or liquors. This laminating can be printed on afterwards using UV offset or screen inks.

GMS LAMINATION offers silver and gold laminating films for printing on card or paper, so go ahead and create a stunning design incorporating this process.



For something extra special, holographic lamination has the effect of creating a striking, eye-catching stand-out design. It is a multi-sparkle Polyester film which gives a 3D, futuristic look, typical of that found on products where manufacturers want to give a high-tech, 21st century impression.


GMS LAMINATION offers silver and gold laminating films for printing on card or paper, so go ahead and create a stunning design incorporating this process.


Our velvet laminated ‘soft touch’ film have a texture like the skin of a fresh peach which is very unique and is not being used commonly within the industry yet. It adds a new dynamic to your finished products with its velvet touch texture, making them an increasingly popular choice for companies looking for something a little different.


It can be used across the board (and we are offering) for Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Leaflets, Menus and packaging boxes.